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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Hung Jury **Sensitive Topic Entry**

Last week I was talking to an old friend when the subject of the infamous Los Angeles club called "The Hung Jury" came up. I met her back in the 1980's. She was a fountain of interesting information, much of it sex related. Yeah I was young and I might have had an inordinate amount of interest in the subject.  She told me about the club and her experiences with it. She even gave me a newsletter from the club. As I recall the club was based in North Hollywood. Hence the Valley connection. The club was dedicated to men whose appendage was at least 8". Men and women belonged. There was  a mistress of measurement who made appointments to verify a guys claims before he was able to join the club.

Since we spoke last week I checked out the internet and there is very little on the club and its founder Sam Frank (Real name?). I did find this YouTube entry below.


Years later I worked at a place that was two doors down from the Sex toy company Doc Johnson. Also in North Hollywood. The Valley's reputation might have been as a dull sprawling suburban place but it's place in the sex industry is and may still be legendary. I also worked at at another place in Canoga Park that was right near an office/studio for Larry Flynt (Hustler Magazine). I used to see models in the parking lot when I drove by on the way to work. I was not a fan of the man or his magazine so I never checked it out.


Anonymous said...

You never said if you tried to join the club. Whats the old saying, inquiring minds want to know.

Carey A, Wilson said...

You are right I did not say if I tried to join or was a member. Now where is my ruler?

Platypus Paws said...

The founder's name is Jim Boyd.
There was an article about this club in the UK Edition of Marie Claire July 1994. I have a copy.

Platypus Paws said...

Oh yeah the video says "Jim Boyd" isn't his real name.

Carey A, Wilson said...

Interesting I don't remember hearing that name. But I never spent a lot of time checking it out. And being in the USA never saw that magazine. I'm sure it is somewhere online. Thanks.