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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Hung Jury **Sensitive Topic Entry**

Last week I was talking to an old friend when the subject of the infamous Los Angeles club called "The Hung Jury" came up. I met her back in the 1980's. She was a fountain of interesting information, much of it sex related. Yeah I was young and I might have had an inordinate amount of interest in the subject.  She told me about the club and her experiences with it. She even gave me a newsletter from the club. As I recall the club was based in North Hollywood. Hence the Valley connection. The club was dedicated to men whose appendage was at least 8". Men and women belonged. There was  a mistress of measurement who made appointments to verify a guys claims before he was able to join the club.

Since we spoke last week I checked out the internet and there is very little on the club and its founder Sam Frank (Real name?). I did find this YouTube entry below.


Years later I worked at a place that was two doors down from the Sex toy company Doc Johnson. Also in North Hollywood. The Valley's reputation might have been as a dull sprawling suburban place but it's place in the sex industry is and may still be legendary. I also worked at at another place in Canoga Park that was right near an office/studio for Larry Flynt (Hustler Magazine). I used to see models in the parking lot when I drove by on the way to work. I was not a fan of the man or his magazine so I never checked it out.

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