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Sunday, February 24, 2008

One Six Right

"One Six Right" is the name of a DVD produced and directed by Brian J. Terwilliger. It is subtitled "The Romance of Flying" and that is the perfect description of this wonderful movie. Mr. terwilliger uses Van Nuys Airport to take a look at the role of the local airport on the community and the nation.

It is a story told from the ground and from the air by those who work and use the airport including Hollywood celebrities and many local celebrities such as Hal Fishman, Paul Moyer and the legendary Clay Lacy.

Van Nuys Airport is a general aviation airport that contributes one billion dollars a year to the Southern California community. Here in Cleveland Ohio we have a general aviation airport on the lake front called Burke Lakefront Airport. For years there have been attempts to close the airport down to make way for business or residential use. If the reigning powers in Cleveland would use a little imagination and foresight they would see the wisdom in developing Burke into a thriving centerpiece right next to downtown Cleveland.

Please follow the link above to the films website for more information on the DVD and how to purchase it.

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