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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Debra Winger at Monroe High School

My Hazeltine Ave. School friend Bob Walance just sent me this page from the 1972 Monroe High School yearbook he found online. Debra Winger is in the second row. This was news to me. I sent Radio Rat an e-mail because he went to Monroe. We never talked about it so I'm not sure he knew. The only Celebrity I recall from Radio Rats class was the former NFL quarterback Guy Benjamin. Benjamin went to Stanford after Monroe and than was drafted by the Miami Dolphins.

Thanks again Bob for the update. I wonder who we will find next?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Builders Emporium Reseda 1977

In 1977 Radio Rat and I made an audio tape for a farewell party he was having, in Van Nuys, for a fellow employee who was moving on to a new job. We did a few comedy bits and then spent the afternoon calling people on the telephone for comments to include in the tape. We let them know they were being recorded and that is where it all fell apart. We decided to include the failed attempts on the tape as it happened and in the end it provided more laughs.

The audio file is now available at the Van Nuys Boomers Audio site. As I recall the music at the end of the clip is called "Cruising with the Fonz" from the TV show Happy Days.

Radio Rat Air Check

In the process of transferring my old cassette tapes to digital CD's I discovered quite a few old nuggets, embarrassing and otherwise. I will upload the good ones to the Van Nuys Boomers Audio site over the next few weeks.

Tonight I uploaded a radio station air check from 1983 of Radio Rat at the beginning of his career. Due to the poor condition of the tape I could only salvage a few parts. This particular air check begins with the stations (KMOR-FM 89.9) newscast followed by a commercial and Radiorat.

That is me behind the microphone at Radio Rat's station KAVL/KAVS in 1985. I would have put a picture of him up here by I didn't have one of him at the microphone. I have one of Phone Rat at the mic, but he hates the picture, even though he looks like a natural. I apparently was having a Johnny Fever (WKRP in Cincinnati) moment.