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Friday, November 26, 2010

Captain K-Earth Decoder

Here is my Captain K-Earth Decoder courtesy of The Wherehouse. I forget the exact date I got it but the date on the back says 1974 so safe to say it was the 70's. Decoders were popular when my Dad was a kid. He had a ring decoder and a pin decoder which you wore. I have them somewhere in a trunk. The cardboard Captain K-Earth decoder is a little less grand but it is still a neat memory.

The other memory is of course The Wherehouse Record store. In the old days after I got paid and covered the bills, I would head off to The Wherehouse and Tower Records to drop a few dollars into their lap. I still have some of my old record and tape collection but not the quantity I used to have. Moving it from place to place makes you thin it out over time.

There is only one used CD store near where I live now and it specializes in in genres I don't follow. I hate to sound like an old man but that's one more experience of youth that is lost. I imagine over time book stores will perish as well with things like the Kindle and iPad.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The End of the World

Dear readers, I have just discovered scientific proof that the world will not end in December of 2012 as forecast by the numerous believers in the Mayan calender. As you can clearly see by this scan of my Popular Science Perpetual Calendar Bookmark the end has been postponed until 2059. Clearly this is good news for us Baby Boomers since it will allow the majority of us to live out our lives in full.

As you can also see the world apparently started in 1753 which differs with traditional science and of course the old Testament. I am unable to explain this contradiction, but as is becoming more prevalent in the world today, I choose to ignore the things I do not like or cannot explain. I call this state of mind the Algorean Conflict.