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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Debra Winger at Hazeltine Ave. School

Former Hazeltine Ave. School student Bob Walance wrote me concerning my post of February 11, 2008 in which I posted a picture of my classmates. Bob identified a few names for me and pointed out that he knew one of my classmates named Debby. Well Debby grew up and became the actress Debra Winger. Bob remembered attending a birthday party for Debby. He also provided me with a few class pictures from his archive which include himself and Debby. One of those pictures is this one from November of 1961. Debby (As she was known then) is second from the left in the front row. Bob is on the very left in the row behind her wearing a cool tie.

I don't have any memories of Debby. I do have memories of one other girl who was kind of a Lucy to my Charlie Brown. I remember one year we were tapped to be in a square dance. I was partnered with my Lucy (name withheld because she might remembers me and come after me). One day when I was particularly irritated with her I gave her a little extra yank on an allemande left and she almost flew off the stage. So now I am wondering if Debby was in that class or perhaps part of that dance group. Could it be she learned some of her Urban Cowboy dance moves from our little group?

Debra Winger is a fine actress who's work I have always liked and respected. Long brown hair, passionate eyes, a sexy attitude and a sharp intelligence. I wish I had known her then. But these traits also describe my wife so I guess I did ok.


Salty said...


Jerry Werbner
1961 Picture Top Left
1964 Picture 2nd row far left

Debbie Winger lived just down the strret from me on Cohasset Street. Who knew she would be famous?

Also in that class Elliott Mintz who dies soon thereafter and Michael Murdoch who hung himself from the Venerable Hazeltine Flagpole.

Keep me in the loop

Guitar Rat said...

Hello Jerry,

Thank you for your comments. I see we did have some classes together and I do remember you. If you have a chance please bring us up to speed on Elliott and Michael. I probably should remember but do not.


Anonymous said...


Greetings. It's been quite a while. I was in several of your classes. You may remember me by my nickname "Bro".

Anyway, regarding Elliot Mintz: could you be thinking of Elliot Wolk? We were good friends. He did pass away, too, but it was after Hazeltine. He was a great person. Elliot Wolk is in the '61 picture, second from the bottom row, 5th from the left (the one with the big wide-open smile).

Can you give us some more details about Mike Murdoch? I knew Mike but never heard of that tragedy.

Hope you're doing well.

Bob Walance

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I was in second grade at Hazeltine Ave School in 1977. If anyone out there went at the same time & had Mrs. LaRose as a teacher please post the year book if you still have it.

I lost my year book & would appreciate seeing all the classmates from that time.

Thank You...