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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Goblet, The Girl and the Street Sign, Part 1

This silver Goblet was procured from a Bob’s Big Boy restaurant in Van Nuys CA. I confess I am a questionable accomplice in its procurement. We were sitting in a comfy booth eating our meal when I simply mentioned to a friend I would like to have one of these goblets. We finished our meal, left a tip and walked out to our car. When we got into the vehicle my female friend reached into her purse and handed me the shiny silver Bob’s Big Boy goblet. We all laughed and hurried out of there just in case some eagled eyed waitress was on our tail. I was flabbergasted but I took it home and put it up on my memento shelf hoping my Mom would not ask where it came from. Accepting stolen goods is certainly a misdemeanor crime, however if a judge or God one day confronts me with my involvement I will throw myself on the mercy of whatever court and tell them it was given to me by the most beautiful brown haired brown eyed girl I had ever known. I won't claim insanity but I will tell you I was intoxicated by her smile.

This beautiful young girl and I did eventually go out on a date some time later. We had a nice time, but I am afraid I was so painfully shy that I never mustered the courage to ask her out again. We remained friends in spite of my ineptness. I have a fine memory of driving away from her place to Van Nuys Masonic Temple for our date. The radio was on blasting the hits of that period of 1973. So what song you ask plays in my mind now when I remember our date? My Love by Paul McCartney? Or maybe Love Train by The O’Jays? No, I recall rolling down Victory Blvd. to the sounds of Loudon Wainwright III squawking, “Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road”.

Not long after this I bought a top of the line Sanyo cassette player for my car. Never again would I allow the radio God's impose their will on my love life. In matters of the heart one still needs the proper tools. So now when my diet allows I break out the goblet and drop a scoop of ice cream in it, crank up iTunes and remember good times with a beautiful young girl, and a stinky old skunk.


Radio Rat said...

I can figure out who you are talking about, and she was as beautiful as you say. It would be great to hear from her now. Dead skunk in the middle of the road....too bad. at least it wsnt Midnite at the Oasis, or Long Tall Glasses

Guitar Rat said...

I have a memory for Midnight at the Oasis and it involves another female. As for long Tall Glasses, nothing for that. It would be nice to hear from her. Now that I think about it I wonder what songs people think of when they remember us. Assuming they do. That would be a neat conversation. get everyone together and find out what songs remind them of the people there."We've Got to Get it on Again".

Anonymous said...

Hey, as I recall the Hot Fudge Cake was also to die for! Their hamburgers were good too.

Guitar Rat said...

I remember the Hot Fudge Cake and mostly I remember our Phone Rat eating it. The burgers were good you are right. I had one in Toluca Lake before I left town. I'm hungry again so I guess I should come back.