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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Demolay Reunion Party a Big Success

The Demolay, Rainbow, Job's reunion party was a great success. Approximately 40 old friends got together and shared old and new stories. Many pictures were taken and are in the process of making the rounds. If anyone is interested in copies please email this blog: vannuysboomers@gmail.com, and we will put you in the loop.

Another get together is being talked about for this summer. This will be an outdoor event at a park, so there will be more room for booze, barbecues and Ben Gay.

If you are out of town and think you might want to come to the next get together please let us know so we can decide on good date for all.

As you can see from this picture of Radio Rat, one can always make new friends.


Nancy L. Clouse said...

Hi Nancy Clouse here, aka Shadow, Heard the party was a great success, sorry I missed it. Yes I would defintely like to be informed of the summer get together. My Email is: shadow414_2000@yahoo.com so please keep me informed and anyone else that just wants to say "Hello" drop me a line, would love to hear from you. Stay safe everyone!! See ya soon!

Guitar Rat said...

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for your comments. I sent you email address out to Bruce and Dorrie and I am sure you will hear from them and probably others. I added you to my Demolay/Jobs/Rainbow contact list.

Guitar Rat

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy...good to hear from you...how are Jim and Sue doing? We used the e-mail address on the site...but did not hear from them...hope all is good...Bruce and Dorriesordere

Anonymous said...

Guitar Rat.... Hey, sure enjoyed browsing your old memories via pics.

I still know a guy who grew up next to me in the Valley. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama, now .... although he said he never thought much that he went to Birmingham H.S. and now lives in a town of the same name.

Surprisingly, he said he hasn't missed the Valley since he left at age 19. I miss it terribly, so he agreed to meet me there a couple of months ago & we spent the day cruising the old haunts. Finished up by having dinner at the old "94th Aerosquadron Resturant" on Raymar Street in Van Nuys. (Recommended!).

How did you end up in Ohio? Probably the same way I ended up in Northern California.... through no real planning of my own. It just was a thought & I ended up staying here. BUT ... I miss the Valley so much. I'd move back if I could even though its got a rough reputation these days.

Oh, and THANKS for the tip on the CSUN Digital Library. I found a couple of photos of my old elementary school & the school Principle who I remembered. The photo was taken just a few years before I started there.

The good old days. Young people of today will never know the greatness of the San Fernando Valley of yesteryear.

Happy teenagers with smiles on their faces rather than sullen, hateful looks & attitudes. Clean walls & fences rather than graffiti vandalism. Jobs. Ice cream parlors (Farrells). Topanga Plaza.... which by the way... might go by a different name today.... but I had a mini meal there when I visited and did NOT recognize the interior as it had been expanded sooooo much.

Those were the days. A current friend of mine today says he just now wants to "fast forward." I don't blame him. Life just seems drab compared to the joy of yesteryear.