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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hazeltine 1962

Elsewhere in this blog is class photo of Miss Zober's 2nd grade class from October 1962. Some alumni have been swapping memories of our days at Hazeltine. What someone else remembers will trigger a memory for another. I remember the handball courts and dodge ball back in the dark ages when it was allowed. Another remembered tether ball which I had forgotten about, which is odd because I was pretty good at it since I was tall.

One year later we would hear of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. As I recall I was in a class when a teacher dame in to tell us what had happened. I recall it was the teacher who played Santa Claus. The name Mr. Lane comes to mind but I may be mistaken.

Some of the popular songs in October 1962 were: The Monster Mash, Sherry, Big Girls Don't Cry, Surfin' Safari, He's a Rebel and many more. Elvis was still popular that year with Return to Sender.

Right now my Grandson is the same age as I was then and it is fascinating to view it from the other side. Hopefully he will have fond memories to look back on one day. Though I can't say the music now is as good. Though some nights I crank up Smoke on the Water and he dances like crazy as I play along with the song. he says it is his favorite song so maybe there is some hope.

I woke last night to the sound of thunder
How far off I sat and wondered
Started humming a song from 1962
Ain't it funny how the night moves
When you just don't seem to have as much to lose
Strange how the night moves
With Autumn closing in....

From "Night Moves" by Bob Seger


Anonymous said...

Those were such innocent times, and then things changed on that sad Friday afternoon. As I recall, it was Mr. Clayborn that came running into our classroom. "The president's been shot!"

We had a tv in our room (on the top of a big rollable cart, iirc). Since it was a Friday, I had my Cub Scouts uniform on. I remember giving the Cub Scout salute to the tv. Pretty corny, but I was only seven.

Things seemed a little different after that Friday. However, there was always that fabulous music to escape into.

I still like listening to old Beach Boys, Beatles, Dave Clark Five, Four Seasons, and others. In fact, the other night I was listening to the Monster Mash. I wonder what ever happened to my Transylvania Twist?

Bob Walance

Guitar Rat said...


You are probably right about it being Mr. Clayborn. I do recall him saying that. It was a blow because I liked JFK and even remember watching him on TV in the debates with Nixon.

Its a full moon tomorrow night, maybe you can play The Monster Mash again. I know I do once a month when I lock myself in my bunker. I howl like Wolfman Jack, but no one around here ever heard Wolfman Jack on the radio like we did, but its fun. Thanks for the memories


Anonymous said...

I was home recovering from the measles 11/22/63 so I didn't get the impact at school. The TV was on with Father Knows Best getting interrupted and my mom and neighbor crying in front of the TV.

things I remember from Hazeltine:
french bread at "nutrition", hot dogs and jello on Thursdays, being petrified of Mrs. Perlmutter. Breaking the record on the rings after school (66 rounds!)Loved the rings. Playing carroms after school.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that buttered French bread the best?! I can still see and taste it.

It's funny what you say about being afraid of Mrs. Perlmutter. I remember having heard horrible things about her. However, when I got into her class in 6th grade, she was very nice. She certainly was strict, but she was always fair.

I remember the game we called "socco". We usually played it just east of the tables outside of the cafeteria. The real purpose of socco was to throw the ball at your opponents such as to inflict pain and also to extract the maximum volume of bodily fluids from them. Sure, we lost a couple of kids in the process, but it taught us valuable survival skills. I suppose they don't allow socco in the schools anymore. It's a real shame (imho).

Bob Walance

Anonymous said...

Mrs. P threw a few too many temper tantrums for my taste. By 6th grade I was used to her tho. Better than Mrs. McGauley, who snoozed in her chair every day.
Speaking of falling asleep Debra Winger sacked out on me on a field trip back from Griffith Park observatory and I remember my mom being extremely concerned since she had showed up to school with a black eye, that it was a concussion. //moms!// Also remember a camping trip to Clear Creek where we were encouraged to bite into dirt to find perhaps a garnet, and lots of kids getting horrible stomach aches. Fun times!

Anonymous said...

The garnet mine up at Clear Creek Camp sure brings back some memories. I had kept my prized garnet until I was in my twenties. I'm not sure what happened to it after that.

Please tell us who you are.


Bob Walance

Anonymous said...

Laurie M. I live in N. Cal, married 35 years this month

I am looking for class pics from 4th, 5th, 6th grade, can someone please put them up? I don't care if they were my classes, I knew just about everyone.

Anonymous said...


Are you Laurie Mc...?

If you are, I surely hope you didn't read the comments in another post where I declared that I had a crush on you. That would be TOO embarrassing.

I do have several other scans of Hazeltine class photos. One of them has both of us in Mrs. Ray's 3rd grade class (assuming that you're the correct Laurie).

I can't post pictures on this blog, so if you'd like those scans then just send me an email. I also can send you a list of the yearbooks I have. I've done some scanning of those, too, and would be willing do scan some more if you think you know anybody in those books.

Bob Walance
b w a l a n c e (at) r o a d r u n n e r (dot) c o m

LM said...

Yes that was hilarious...never know who's reading this stuff right? Being typical elementary child I was probably mean to you. If so, sorry 40+ years later =)

I would appreciate any and all elem school pics any of you Hazeltine alumni have. I have the 3rd grade already. The only other group pic I have not already posted here are a kinderg & April 61 which I can put up on google picasa. Also, I can scan VNHS 73 senior class. I wouldn't mind seeing Grant HS 72 or 73 as most of my pals from Madison JHS went there.