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Friday, March 26, 2010

Bachelor in Paradise Film Locations

Bachelor in Paradise was a Bob Hope vehicle from 1961 in which he played an author doing research for a book on the love life's of American's in suburbia. It's a typical Bob Hope movie full of gags and off hand remarks. Lana Turner co-stars as his love interest.

What is of interest to me are the film locations. The movie was shot around the San Fernando Valley. In the movie Hope is set up in a new housing development which is actually in Woodland Hills. I believe it is just west of Topanga Blvd. in the foothills. I used to have the address but can't find it now. Locations also included the Corbin Bowl on Ventura Blvd. and a Hughes Market at 8231 Woodman Ave. in Panorama City. For those familiar with that area it is across the street from Kaiser. It is no longer a Hughes market but the building is still there. The scenes shot inside the store are a trip down memory lane for those of us who grew up in the 60's.


Carl said...

I remember it well. I graduated from Poly S69. I remember to cookie aisle where the cookies were in bins and a lady dressed in a Van de Camps outfit bagged your cookies for you. My wife worked at Orbach's. Miss the old Valley we grew up in. Miss the Red Barn, crusing the Blvd on club night, eating at Bob's on Roscoe and the drive thru on VN blvd., and the one on Sepulveda near the old Sunkist Orange Plant. Matt & Tony's, Mikes Pizza, Cupids but still make a road trip to The Bear Pit. Thanks for the site. How many times did we got to the Van Nuys Drive-In, the Sepulveda, Victory and Laurel Drive-Ins.

Batteryman said...

It was the Hughes market in Panorama City near the old Robinson's.