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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Don Drysdale's Father at Van Nuys High School 1929

Our friend Bob Walance just sent me these scans of a 1929 Van Nuys High School class yearbook which contains class photos of Scott Drysdale, the father of L.A. Dodger pitching great, Don Drysdale.

I remember going to my first baseball game back in the early 60's and seeing Sandy Koufax pitch against the Milwaukee Braves, who featured Hank Aaron and Warren Spahn. I saw Aaron and for some reason remember Sphan pitching that game but I could be wrong. Perhaps with the internet now I can do a little research. Anyway in 1963 Mr. Koufax and Mr. Drysdale lead the Dodgers to a four game sweep in the World Series of my beloved Mickey Mantle and the New York Yankees. Time has healed the wound, but at the time I was devastated.

We also remember Don Drysdale's restaurant on Oxnard in Van Nuys. I never ate there but I recall going by it many times. Thanks again to Bob for the great yearbook photos and Van Nuys memory.

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rjstillrules said...

When I was a kid my favorite Dodger was Sandy Koufax. My grandfather knew Don Drysdale through some work he had done for Don at his restaurant. Gramps would occasionally take me to Don's place and he would always had to call Don over and say "Hey Rhett, tell Don who your favorite Dodger is". "sandy koufax sir" I would always say proudly. Don and my grangfather always got a laugh. I remember once he leaned over and whipered "mine too Rhett". what a great man, what a great memory. is it any wonder I bleed dodger blue!