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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cigars & Arnold Schwarzenegger

One of my best friends just sent me a red leather travel humidor with 10 CAO brand cigars in it. All the cigars are rated very high with a couple being among the best of the year cigars. So the other night when my old Landlord Jane Russell passed away I decided to light up a CAO Cameroon in memory of her. I had one last Amstel Light in the refrigerator so I opened that and poured it in my special beer mug from Solvang California.

My Dad took up cigar smoking when the doctor made him give up cigarettes. Of course being a cigarette smoker for so long, he inhaled them. My Mom bought him a beautiful humidor for Christmas. After he died I kept the humidor but he was stolen from an apartment I was moving into. Over the years I had smoked a cigar now and then but never seriously until the mid nineties. Unfortunately I didn't have his humidor so my Mom bought me a nice small one which was more than adequate for my needs. It now sits on the mantle about the fireplace (which  doesn't work).

Back in the late nineties my wife worked at a company called CBO in Hollywood. They were a post production company who designed ads, media artwork and so on. One of the 3 owners was best friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger. CBO did the artwork for his movies, print ads and tapes and DVD's. Many of the guys at CBO smoked cigars and Arnold had bought each of them a high end cigar humidor made by Daniel Marshall. As I recall they were the model above but a lighter colored wood.

So it took me and hour and a half to smoke the CAO Camaroon and it was excellent. The Amstel Light beer wasn't bad either. RIP Jane Russell.


Anonymous said...

Your dad INHALED cigar smoke? He must have been the toughest dude on your block.

While I've never smoked cigarettes or cigars, I did try pot once when I was in college. However, I didn't exhale. :-}

I was saddened, too, with Jane's passing. However, being on this planet for 90 years, and having accomplished what she did, she leaves me, and certainly many others, with pleasant memories.

Bob Walance

Guitar Rat said...

Once in a while I get a bit of cigar smoke in my throat and cough for 5 minutes. But I never smoked cigarettes. I'm glad to hear you didn't inhale the pot, let me see, that makes two of you so far.

90 years is a good life and you are right we have the movies and memories. Sad to say we have few current stars with that kind of old classic Hollywood stature. Charlie Sheen doesn't come to mind though.

laurelbostan said...
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