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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My Desktop computer finally lost its mind after about 7 years. It served me well so I can't complain. Being a neat freak I decided to get a laptop that would free up some desk space. Aside from getting used to a slightly smaller keyboard I like it. As is probably the norm now it came with a built in webcam. This was not a feature I needed or wanted but now I have it. Now all my friends want to Skype me. I hate cameras so naturally I'm not going to be fond of appearing on a camera. The other night I tested the webcam with my wife who was downstairs. It works as the snapshot above will attest. Next will be Phone Rat and Radio Rat and probably a bunch of my cousins who have webcams as well. I drive a truck so I am one of the first people someone calls when they have something large to move. Now I have a webcam and everyone wants to see me as they talk to me. I should be glad this is all I have to whine about, I'm done whining.

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