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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tucker Craw

How many of you remember seeing Tucker in and around Van Nuys during the 60's and 70's? I pieced together the image below from a small newspaper article online. It was all I could find about him. Thanks to Phone Rat for reminding me of Tucker.


Richard Manne said...

Tucker was a close family friend of my grandparents/mother/aunts & uncles
when they lived in Van Nuys on Vanowen throughout the 40s, 50s & 60s.
I remember him well.

Dave Grammer said...

I remember Tucker, he lived on Orion St, Just before Vanowen
must have been mid to late 60s early 70s, Used to go to his house and they're were pictures all over his walls.
He was a heck of a guy always in cowboy close and boots and that big hat and a badge.
I haven't been back to van Nuys in 30 plus years. But I just go to thinking of the people and that area and he popped into my head and this is where it took me
My 2 older brother and a sister went to Birmingham, The Grammers, about the same time you guys did. Sorry I was younger and went to school in Encino. Used to live on Aqueduct ave.

oh and you forgot Dales market, Sepulveda near Victory, And Beeps Sherman way and Balboa I believe

Lisa Lyons said...

Yes, he was around in the 70's....I used to see him almost everyday on Vanowen as I walked home from elementary school. He was a delightfully spirited person. He always wore a fresh, crisp authentic cowboy shirt that would have simple embellishments. His pants were classic and sharp.He wore a hat and boots. He would make it his mission to wave at every car and smile at the occupants while tipping his hat.He never seemed tired to greet us that way.
WOW!!! Thank you for posting this! What a fond memory to recall.
Lisa Lyons