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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Steak Burger Van Nuys CA

Does anyone remember a small place called Steak Burger that was at 6336 Woodman Ave. in Van Nuys? It was on the east side of the street just south of Victory Blvd. We used to go there back in the 70's. They had very large hamburgers on what I recall seemed like a specially made bun. We would cut classes at Valley College and go there or to Jack in the Box on the other side of Woodman. Then we would go play golf. This is probably why I spent too many years at Valley College and ended up with nothing but memories of cutting classes. The location of Steak Burger was about at the spot in the picture below

Thanks again to Google Street View


Ourmanflint1 said...

Yes, it was run by a man who ground his own burger mix and baked his own bun. He would arrive at 4AM and by 11:30 there would be a line around the building. Seating was on steel plates attached to poles that were bolted around the building in front of an attached wood counter that ran around the building, He also served fresh cut skin-on steak fries.

As I recall, he sold the place in the 80's and little by little the quality diminished. Eventually, it was like any other stand and then it closed. They were yummy!

Anonymous said...

I ate there in the 70s. Though I'd driven past the place for years, my friend took me there and it was love at first bite. He called it Greaseburger. I used to see the owner's wife at Ralph's. I loved the homemade onion rolls and lemonade.

I've looked on the internet for people who ate there and have finally found you!

Anonymous said...

We used to call it grease burger too! That's the name I remembered.

Anonymous said...

I loved that place! The cokes tasted like chemicals but the burgers, fries and Polish dogs were great...the secret was in the grease as everything was greasy which only added to the taste...as I recall I used to see them deliver meat there where he ground it himself, also the buns were obviously made on premises as they were all different shapes. The Steakburger was one of my favorite memories of the Valley in the 1970's. WRG

Anonymous said...

I played Little League with the owner's son, Mark Chasman (sp)

Anonymous said...

Actually, prior to it being at Victory and Woodman, it was on Van Nuys Blvd right next to Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Park. This was early 70s. It didn't move until later in the decade.

Mike McElravey said...

I actually worked there around 1974-75 only job I ever got fired from, I was too slow. Ironically wound up being a cook for ten years in No Cal. starting two years later.
Ed, the owner, did get up every morning at 4 and ground the meat, made the buns, rendered the beef fat for the fries, cut the fries. I have tried for 40 years to duplicate the taste of those burgers. Never have come even close. Valley food was the best; Cupids, Tommy's, Speedy's, many of the first real authentic mexican walk up joints, great Italian along Ventura Blvd, and Burbank blvd in Glendale and Burbank, Winchell's donuts. Donte's and the Baked potato on Lankershim, the Blarney Stone on Lankershim, 50 cent movies. Miss that stuff, but nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I used to work at that place in 1975! They had the best greasiest burger sandwich in the Valley. The building was all out the size of a small motor home. As I remember there were no tables, chairs, or anywhere to sit. You just walked up to the winder, ordered burger, fries, a drink, and the frozen milkshake.

Doug O said...

I loved that place. The monster burger, three patties of greasy deliciousness. I remember that it weighed in at 1.25 lbs. The lemonade was great. "We crush the entire lemon.". The steak sandwich was phenomenal. Once we had a monster eating contest. I won. The other guy squeezed his monster and the middle pattie shot out about 4 feet. The steak burger dog, a little stray that hung around there, immediately ran up a gobbled up the pattie. Another interesting thing about the place is that there were pencil cacti along the fence. I grabbed a piece and transplanted it at home. Ed would yell out of the window, "Orders Please!" Nothing like it nowhere.

jay schein said...

Jay said,
The original was on Van Nuys Blvd around where La Fogata is right now. It was a shack/dump. If you were not taken there by someone else, you wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot poll.
You’re right. We did call it Grease Burger.
Bill, the owner, wore an old t-shirt that just barely covered his paunch. When he took your order, he would arrange a tile grid in front of him that no one ever figured out how it worked.
Yes, he baked his own bread, ground his own meat and the Monster burger was the best burger I have ever had to date.
Tender, beefy, and messy as hell. HUGE!
From what we understood at the time, his Van Nuys Blvd. location burned down in a fire and he moved it to the Woodman location where it eventually went out of business.
Damn, I still miss that place.

rob said...

I remember he used to take the order by some kind of cross word puzzle where he would put letters on a square, almost looked like a scrabble board. Those were great times, Loved the Monster Burger, i used to go there with my brother and his friend the Zap and I was probably around 12 or 13 years old back then, that Monster Burger in my hand was bigger than my head, lol. The place looked like a dump, run down shack, but aren't those always the best places? Long live the memory of the Monster Burger!

Skippy Skipperman said...

I worked at the old ham radio store around the corner on Victory in 1977/ Steak Burger was the best!!