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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lake Effect Studio

I recently bought a small audio mixer which can be plugged directly into your computer through the USB slot. Since I got rid of all my fancy equipment I wanted something small to record songs and other projects. One of the othe projects we are working on is a Van Nuys Boomers podcast. Right now it is going back and forth between the Rats. If we do something good I might share one or two here. A little music in the backgorund and personal memories.

This small table houses some of Lake Effect Studio. I had to have a name and that seemed to fit the project. The guitars, keyboard, tower speakers and 1,000 watt amplifier are elsewhere. But this is all it takes to complete the task. Two mics, a mixer, an iPod, MP3 player and some misc. equipment.

I keep asking myself why I have less room in a three bedroom house with an attic and a basement than I had in a two bedroom apartment in the Valley. Ah, tenants! One is gone, two to go!

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