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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hurrican Sandy

I have survived a tornado, two large earthquakes and now a hurricane. While we did not suffer like the east coast we did have winds up to 70 mph which took down a lot of trees and power lines. We even had a neighbors siding on our front lawn along with some plasterboard. We were fortunate and only lost power for about 9 hours. But a tree down the street took out our internet for 11 days.

I have to say of the three violent acts of nature I still think the most disturbing is an earthquake. To someone who has never been through one it is hard to explain the feeling of being an earthbound creature and having your solid foundation begin to shake you silly and there doesn't seem to be anywhere  you can hide from it.

Below is a piture from our town:

Epicure from The Lakewood Daily Snap blog

Still earthquakes, higher taxes, Governor Moonbeam and the pron star condom issue aside, I miss home

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