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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Doc Johnson in North Hollywood CA

In a past post I mentioned that i used to work a few doors down from Frank Zappa's "Joe's Garage" recording studio. I neglected to mention another work neighbor a few doors down in the other direction, across the street from where I worked. The business is called "Doc Johnson" They are one of the main manufacturers of Dildos and sex toys.
Their first shift go to work early as we did. We would watch the neighborhood women walk to work on many mornings. being an almost all guy work environment where I worked I will spare you all the jokes and remarks.

One day years ago Doc Johnson had a fire or some kind of accident, I forget exactly what now. The result was the small street we all shared was flooded with latex and other materials used in the manufacture of dildos.

Of course we had a copy of their catalog. It usually surfaced when we explained to a new employee what Doc Johnson was.

At that time you could go over to their small showroom and purchase their products. No one there ever did, or admitted they did. Once in a while a well known porn star would arrive at Doc Johnson. They were there so they could make a mold of their prominent endowment. Word always got around the neighborhood.

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