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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sir Roger Moore

Sad to hear the news that Sir Roger Moore passed away. My first recollections of Sir Roger are from watching the TV show "The Saint" with my Dad. We both liked the show quite a bit. And of course years later he became James Bond in the movies. Like most fans I saw all twelve of his Bond movies. I guess my favorite s "The Spy Who Loved Me"

All the talk about James Bond in the wake of Sir Roger's death reminded me of a Valley memory from the 1960's. I forget the year now but it was during the Sean Connery era. A car dealer, I think it was on Van Nuys Blvd but I am not sure, had the Aston Martin from the movie Goldfinger. I haven't checked but there might have been more than one used for the movie. Either way it was a Bond car.

My Dad and I always went to see the latest James Bond picture. Along with the Matt Helm series with Dean Martin and James Coburn in the Flynn Series.

I remember I got a James Bond briefcase for Christmas one year. Along with 007 powder and cologne. I wish I still had those. Somewhere I have a picture of me with the briefcase gun. But I still have the memories.

I read that Sir Roger said his career after Bond was not as successful as Sean Connery's. He said Connery was a better actor. He sells himself short. Moore was fun to watch, entertaining and a decent actor. Be it a TV show or a film, he helped take you away from the world for a few hours. That is a great service and contribution. I wish more actors would realize this and just act and not try to save the world. I have one Moore movie and it is not a Bond picture but Moore in "Sherlock Holmes in new York". I think I will go watch it now. RIP

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