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Monday, December 24, 2007

Van Nuys Blvd., Hollywood Knights and Aloha Bobby and Rose

Two movies hit America's theaters in 1979 and 1980. Neither made it above back seat drive in quality but they are significant for others reasons. The first was called "Van Nuys Blvd". The movie was a poor rehash of American Graffiti but is notable to us in the San Fernando Valley for its locations.

The other movie was a similar piece of work called "Hollywood Knights". The local significance being the sight where the car club met called Tubby's was actually shot on Van Nuys Blvd. near Saticoy Street as I recall.

A few years earlier in 1975 another movie was released which featured a few Van Nuys Blvd. shots. This movie was called "Aloha Bobby and Rose". It featured Paul Le mat of American Graffiti fame. Aloha Bobby and Rose had a darker plot and was a small notch above the other two movies. It had some night time scenes of a red 1968 Camaro on Van Nuys Blvd to the sounds of Emerson Lake and Palmer (Karn Evil 9) as well as Elton John.

Though it is not an L.A. movie does anyone remember a movie called "Vanishing Point" with Barry Newman and a white Dodge Challenger?

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