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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Butler Brothers Department Store & Builders Emporium Hardware Store

Here are a few more friends and co-workers we are looking to reconnect with:

From Butler Brothers Department Store:
Patty Russmann, Bob Russman, Mr. Gordon Axelrod aka Mr. A, Mr. Harold Anderson, Mr. Kirkpatrick, and I'm sorry I can only remember first names of the following: Gwen, Angie, Walt (warehouse). Frank (furniture department).

From Builders Emporium Hardware Store:
Shirley Naito, Jennifer Newman Joe Ceruli, Robin Pesso, Sandy Be Miller, Don Burr, Karen Larini, Brian Hospadar, Sam Melman, Leslie McNair, Lee Durgin (also Van Nuys Demolay), Kathy Montgomery, Lori Nieman, John Nichols, Diane Billie, Steve Lafferny, Jeff Morris, Karen Willis and Rene Midler.

I apologize for any misspellings and for the maiden names.


Michael said...
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Crystal Newton said...

My Father, Don Newton, managed Butler Brother stores in Ontario, Seattle, and Alhambra. I worked in the Seattle store for a few years myself. I recognize a few of the names from the Van Nuys store posted here. My Dad is living in Shingle Springs, CA now is 88 years old an in poor health, but he'd love hearing from anyone from those good old days.