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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bill Smith of KTLA

I just read on L.A. Observed that KTLA Channel 5 has laid off field reporter Bill Smith along with other on-air and behind the scene employees. It is difficult to judge the quality of the news shows when I cannot view it, but based on what I have read the unique quality and position of KTLA since the death of Hal Fishman has been severely wounded. You have to wonder if Stan Chambers is next in the cross hairs.

In this era of TMZ style news I have to wonder if Mr. Smith will find another home on the public airwaves in Los Angeles. Television for me has been a lost cause for many years. Perhaps however a station such as KCET might pick him up for their news department. A Ralph Story type show or report would be a welcome addition, and a great venue for Bill Smith's unique perspective.

Changes are inevitable and we have all grown used to them. However changes in quality are disturbing in the news arena where quality is at a premium these days.

Please read Phone Rat's post on this blog for a past memory of Bill Smith in his days with KGIL.


radio rat said...

I am sad to hear about bill smith. i remember watching him for years and he always came across as an inteligent hard working reporter with a friendly comforting approach to every story. no matter if he was reporting a tragedy or lifestyle story, i felt i was gettting the truth told to me by a friend and neighbor. very few like this guy left in local TV. i hope he catches on somewhere. After Hal Fishmans death and Carlos Amezqua leaving to go to Fox...KTLA News has losts its appeal to me. The morning show is forced and unfamiliar, and the 10pm news just doens look right to me. The Tribune company is making changes everywhere....look for more

Guitar Rat said...

Excellent observation, I felt the same way watching him.

Anonymous said...

did this Bill Smith go to Reseda HIgh School? Nancy Morton

Carey A, Wilson said...

Received this sad news from Phone Rat about Bill Smith passing away: