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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A First Kiss

My first kiss happened while I was sitting on a bench next to the monkey bars at Robert Fulton Jr. High School. It was the summer of 1969 and our graduating class, The Elysians, had just completed our final day at Fulton Junior High School. A slow parade of students were passing in front of me when I heard a voice to my right calling out, "Goodbye Carey". It was Chris and she was waving goodbye to me.

Chris and I had one of those love/hate relationships in which you never seem to speak a civil word to each other. For three years we traded barbs and good natured insults. I waved back and said "goodbye" with a tone of sadness since I really did like her, and I knew I would not see her at High School. I watched her slowly walk away when she suddenly turned and ran toward me. I sat up expecting a goodbye whack on the top of my head. In an flash Chris was standing in front of me with her yearbook pulled tight to her chest and a somber look upon her face which I instantly understood. She paused for a second then bent down and gave me a quick, soft kiss on my cheek. She said "Goodbye" again and ran away. I watched her run across the Noble Ave. field, out of school and into my heart.

I was stunned and as happy as I could remember being in my short life. I got up and followed her path out of school, smiling all the way. There would never be another kiss or purely sweet moment quite like this. Thank you Chris.


Radio Rat said...

great story....i am trying to remember my first kiss...i doubt it was in junior High

Guitar Rat said...

Grammer School?

Anonymous said...

I went to Fulton Graduated in 86' and would like to find copies or scans of the yearbook. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've got an '86 Fulton yearbook.

Send me an email at:
b w a l a n c e (at)
r o a d r u n n e r (dot)
c o m
(take out the spaces and, well, figure out the rest).

Bob Walance

Ann said...

What fun to see...
Ann(of Ann and Jan Redmond twins)