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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Debra Winger at Monroe High School

My Hazeltine Ave. School friend Bob Walance just sent me this page from the 1972 Monroe High School yearbook he found online. Debra Winger is in the second row. This was news to me. I sent Radio Rat an e-mail because he went to Monroe. We never talked about it so I'm not sure he knew. The only Celebrity I recall from Radio Rats class was the former NFL quarterback Guy Benjamin. Benjamin went to Stanford after Monroe and than was drafted by the Miami Dolphins.

Thanks again Bob for the update. I wonder who we will find next?


Anonymous said...

Guitar Rat,
I graduated from Monroe in 1972 and don't remember her. I'll have to see if I can find my annual. That was also (hurts to say it) 36 years ago. I'm so old, but then again so are you guys.

Radio Rat's Sis

Guitar Rat said...

Who's old? John McCain is old, we are relative youngsters. But High School is a ways back in the rear view mirror. 1972 was my year also. My yearbook was on a scroll since modern bookbinding had not yet been invented yet, how about yours? (ducking)

I am curious to see what you find. I had Winger in my class in elementary school and don't remember her. I also had Jermaine Jackson in my High School class and I don't remember him. Apparently I don't remember much...and who are you again?

Anonymous said...

Guitar Rat:

Let me check my AARP Membership card, I'm sure that has my name on it. But I have to remember where I put it. As soon as I find out I'll let you know.

Guitar Rat said...

You probably used it as a bookmark for your large print readers Digest :)

I'm too old to duck anymore, not to mention very slow, so go ahead and take a shot.

Thanks for the comments and following the blog.

Debi R said...

I remember Debra, I have the same first name and we had a class or two together. She was nice. I haven't seen her since but I watched an interview of her on TV and it seemed as if she was still as nice. I like her acting. Didn't the Osmonds also go to Monroe High?

Debi R said...

Or, maybe it was some other family, IDK.