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Monday, August 18, 2008

Radio Rat Air Check

In the process of transferring my old cassette tapes to digital CD's I discovered quite a few old nuggets, embarrassing and otherwise. I will upload the good ones to the Van Nuys Boomers Audio site over the next few weeks.

Tonight I uploaded a radio station air check from 1983 of Radio Rat at the beginning of his career. Due to the poor condition of the tape I could only salvage a few parts. This particular air check begins with the stations (KMOR-FM 89.9) newscast followed by a commercial and Radiorat.

That is me behind the microphone at Radio Rat's station KAVL/KAVS in 1985. I would have put a picture of him up here by I didn't have one of him at the microphone. I have one of Phone Rat at the mic, but he hates the picture, even though he looks like a natural. I apparently was having a Johnny Fever (WKRP in Cincinnati) moment.

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