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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hazeltine Ave. Elementary School & The Cuban Missile Crisis

Here is another class picture from October 1962. You might remember October 1962 being the month of the Cuban Missile Crisis. I do remember those days of the early 1960's full of drop drills and air raid sirens. You would not suspect the cold war tensions in the air by looking at these young innocent faces. I do look a little disheveled in my picture. Perhaps I partied too hard over the New York Yankees beating the Giants in the World Series.

My Hazeltine friend Bob Walance have been swapping e-mails of certain school memories. One thing I recalled was the fairs we used to have at school. My days were filled with trying to toss a ping pong ball into a glass which held a goldfish. I know other things went on at the fair but neither Bob or I can recall anything else. If anyone remembers we would love to hear your memories.


Anonymous said...

All right, fellow Hazeltiners. Here's what's left of my memory (per the Oct '62 class picture):

From left to right --

Top row:
1-Paul Kinzer (a real character!)
2-remember the face
3-Matt Klain (super nice guy)
4-Laurie Mcintyre (I had a crush on her - BIG TIME!)
5-Danny Sommers (sp?)
6-no idea
7-Steve Rosa (His mother made good casseroles for dinner)
8-Gail Parnes (nicest of the nice, and smartest of the smart)
9-no idea

Row 2:
1-remember the face
2-no idea
3-can almost remember his name
4-no idea
5-no idea
7-Ricky Freeman (Freedman?)
8-no idea
9-Dana Epstein (good guy)

Row 3:
1-I can almost, in my mind's eye, see this guy on the playground. If I could only remember his name...
2-remember the face
3-Steve Klein (I can almost still hear his voice in my head, for some reason)
5-don't remember this teacher at all!
7-Jerry Werbner
8-looks familiar
9-Stu Bolin (great athlete)

Bottom row:
1-Stu Siderman (another nice guy)
2-Kathy Bedrosian? (anyone remember for sure?)
3-no idea

How'd I do?
Bob Walance

Guitar Rat said...

Bob, thank you for all the names. I remember quite a few but the last names were escaping me. Virgina in row 3 # 6 is a funny story for me. For some reason we never got along. i remember one year we had to do square dancing. I remember being so frustrated by her and having to dance that I tried to swing her hard enough to make her fall down. Ok so not one of my better moments. I think she was Lucy to my Charlie Brown. If your out there Virginia I'm sorry I was a bad boy, I'm all better now :)

Great job Bob. Lets hope some old classmates show up.

pvpioneer said...

the reason we all look untidy is they took the pics right after lunch. Hate my pic and that they didn't let us clean up a little.

I can fill in the blanks. I wrote the names on the back!!

Top row 6- Rhoda Feather
9- Michael Levin

Row 2
1 - Larry Levine
2 - Karen Kon
3 - Ricky Brown
4 - Kim Smith
5 - Kyle Holderness
6 - Kathi Johnston
7 - Ricky Friedman
8 - Robin Rook

Row 3
1 - Carey Wilson
2 - Laurie Lowder (we were pals)
3 - Ellen Roson
8 - Linda Candiotti

Bottom row:
3 - Susan Pipal
4 - Jack Walker

I can post some more group shots including one more of Winger. We were tight thru 5th grade. You have any of 5th & 6th grade by any chance??