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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rainbow & Demolay

Here is a Van Nuys Rainbow Assembly button from 1979. From the collection of Al Wilson.

Here is a newspaper article by Agnes Viola Dow of the Van Nuys Daily News about a Demolay Installation. Over the years Mrs. Dow wrote up almost all the articles about local Masonic related events.

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Anonymous said...

Agnes Viola Dow allowed us to put ourselves out there to the San Fernando Valley once or maybe several times a month. I remember calling her or driving by her house to drop off an article about an installation, a fund raiser, or party with another youth organization. Yes, even parties
were accepted by Agnes. She would ask me the basics,who,what,when where and why. It was the Van Nuys Demolay organization having a progressive dinner and car ralley with one of the local Bethels, next Saturday Afternoon at the Van Nuys Masonic Temple..And why?? because it was fun, and to promote our community youth groups.
Remember gas was around 91 cents a gallon and we could drive all overe the place..For installations Anges always wanted pictures, those 8x10 glossys, and lots of names. It was wonderful to see our names and pictures in the Valley News and Green Sheet. And after the installation, we could sometimes submit a follow up article to Agnes, with more names and comments from the Head Cheese who got installed or a Past Head Cheese that was leaving. Years ago I worked at a polling location in Van Nuys on Election Day. In our precinct, Anges's son Bill would come to vote and we would chat a bit. I told him that I always appreciated his Mom on how she encouraged us to promote our youth groups. Thank You Agnes,and thank you Carey for this post.
Ken PMC Van Nuys 1972