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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mid-Summer Updates

A few quick updates and news:

I hear rumblings of a Demolay/Jobs/Rainbow reunion for some time this fall. I sent out a mass mailing asking for ideas and suggestions for the reunion. If you were not on the list or just found us here please e-mail me at this blog.

We are hearing from more Hazeltine Ave. School alumni. A few might even get together in the coming months. I also posted a link to the Photobucket page with a lot of old school pictures and much more. The link is to the left of this page.

Below the Photobucket link is one to a Reseda High School class page. Many of you might have gone there or know friends who went there. Be sure to check it out. The photo for this post is one I copied from their website. Check out the movie playing at the theater.


Bubba said...

I graduated from Hazeltine in about 1961. Then, on to Madison Jr. High. Remember Hank and Johnny's, on Sherman Way just across Hazeltine? Only teacher at Hazeltine I remember was Miss Petersen (or Peterson), and I think that may have been kindergarten or first grade. Now I live in Brazil. Man, memories.

Guitar Rat said...

I remember a store or something like that across the street but that is all. And of course Pinecrest. I will have to run Hank and Johnny's but the other alumni. Great to hear from and and thanks for tweaking the little gray cells.

Kirk said...

I went to Hazeltine at the same time. Northeast corner of Hazeltine and Sherman Way was Palmer Moth Texaco where Ram Quarterback Bill Wade pumped gas in the off season. Pinecrest on Northwest. Hank and Johnny's was a small shack just off of the Southwest corner. Two guys who made a great Cheeseburger Basket and Fries with a coke for about $.50, which wasn't cheap in those days. Also sold really great snow cones out of a small take out window. Very popular with the fifth and sixth graders who walked home after school I lived off of Hazeltine and Gault on Enadia Way.