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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Voyeurism & Confessions

Last night while in my office I was wrestling with a small bout of boredom. Idle hands being the devils workplace I gave in to one of my baser proclivities. I logged onto Flickr and typed in the words, "office desk". In a split second up came thousands of pictures of home offices, work offices, desks, some neat and tidy and others with papers stacked to the ceiling. I confess, I have always had an interest in where people work and create.

It first started when I saw photos of Picasso in his studio. Being an art major at the time I found it fascinating to look around the creative space. The seed was planted. Years later I picked up a book called, The Writer's Desk by Jill Krementz. Her book is a collection of photos of famous writers at their desk and in their creative spaces. I was hooked and shortly thereafter started searching for more pictures online. Famous or not famous, it did not matter. Soon the addiction took on new forms and I started to Google and Flickr Ham radio shacks.

So as a form of confession I am presenting my home office, the headquarters if you will of Van Nuys Boomers. This is where it all comes together, or sometimes falls apart. It is a nice corner room in the back of our house. I have a door and patio as well as a window. When we moved back here I gave up my wonderful Roll Top desk and well as about four good sized bookcases, and books.

I now have a small desk I bought on clearance at Staples, with a matching file cabinet. The bookcase was bought and assembled by my Dad sometime back in the 1950's. I have a few books out but the rest are in a cubbyhole at the landing for the stairs. So the office is functional but not how I would ideally have it. Since I am too lazy to tie up all the wires I have it facing the wall.

This all has nothing to do with Van Nuys, but it was in Van Nuys that I had my first desk, all my own. It was made of metal and served many purposes. It was for school work, for writing music and for playing on with my Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars. As I still have a few of those cars my current desk has served as a race track when I play with my grandson. And here is another confession, I still like playing with the toy cars!


Anonymous said...

Golden words he will pour in your ear.

But his lies can't disguise what you fear.

For a golden girl knows when he's kissed her.

It's the kiss of death!

Bob Walance (inspired by Shirley Bassey)

Guitar Rat said...

Thank God I didn't have an Octapussy poster over my desk. My Grandson is now reading and spelling and one day he stood in my office and started to pronounce a word off that poster and no the word was not Goldfinger, it was that P word character. So he started to spell it and I started to cringe and close my eyes wondering what the hell I would say about the word Pussy. Well he finally spelled out the leters and then he said the word, Puss-e. I gave out a big sigh and said yup that's the name! Thanks Bob, you have a lovely voice.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell ya - that Goldfinger theme is an amazing piece of music. In fact, it inspired me to whip out my old trombone and give it a blow.

I played trombone all throughout Fulton Jr. High, Parkman Jr. High, and Taft High.

What I find amazing is that even after about 35 years of not playing that brassy thing, I still suck.

Bob Walance

Guitar Rat said...

I agree I have always liked the music. All I played at Fulton was the recorder. But at home I would play the Bond theme and pretend I was Vic Flick.

Consistency is a good thing. Perhaps the problem is you are supposed to blow and not suck, just a thought. I love the trombone, I remember the first time I heard a real big band was at the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson I was blown away. Keep practicing.