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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bulletin Board Service, Chat Rooms of the 90's

I was talking with an old friend and the subject of the BBS came up. After I got my first real online ready computer, a Tandy 1400HD like the one in the picture with a 2400 baud modem, this same friend introduced me to the online world. I checked out a few bulletin boards at first but did not really get heavy into it for a year or so. When I did I checked out a number of local boards and finally settled on a couple.

The first board I became an active member of was the After Hours BBS. As you may recall your time online was based on you paying for the service. Sometimes I paid and could chat all I wanted and other times I did not pay and chatted very little. I only ever met one person from the BBS in real life. I did strike up a few virtual friendships that would meet up again a year or so later on the other board i became an active member of, Beeline BBS. This BBS operated out of North Hollywood and compared to many was very friendly and well run. I attended a few events but for the most part just chatted online at night after work or when I had nothing else to do. My handle/name back then was "Katmandu"

Looking back it was an interesting period. I never was one to hang out at the normal social sites such as bars, clubs and so on. For a brief period I had some fun and never had to get dressed up. I finally signed off around 1998 and have never been back to any online chat rooms. I guess I got it out of my system. I had just met my future wife so I had other things to keep me occupied.

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