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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cohasset Street Elementary School

I realized today I have neglected my other grammar school, Cohasset Street Elementary School, which I attended for the 6th grade and maybe the 5th. You'd think I would remember. I could verify it but that would require a trip into the closet to dig out my report cards. But it's 11:30 pm and I don't feel so inclined.

As usual I am poor on names but recognize faces. Many went on to attend Fulton Jr. High with me. My best friend at the time was Paul Bjork, however he is not in this class picture. His family had a house on the land that is now the U.S. Post Office at the corner of Haskell Ave. and Sherman Way. I recall playing in that large lot which ran west up to Gloria.

I remember Tommy who lived on Dempsey just south of Cohasset Street. Tommy had two fake teeth in the front which for some reason really impressed me. I forget why he had them but I wouldn't be surprised if a fist was involved.

I also recall Debbie who I think lived near me. I have a graduation day picture of her, Paul and me in front of our apartment door. I would post it but I look so damn pudgy, and even after all these years it gives me the creeps.

If anyone remembers names from the picture I would appreciate it. The coolest thing was my teacher in the picture, Mrs. Tremonti lived in our apartment building. She was a very nice lady.


mark said...

Unbelievable, I graduated from cohasset st school in 1980 and miss tremonti was my 6th grade teacher as well. A great woman, got most of the education I have in that school the jr high and high school a waste. Anyway its 2009 my kids were enrolled in cohasset 4 yrs ago and i went to old room #16 and guess whos still there, Miss Tremonti. Interesting to see some of your pics, hard to get to. I was trying to find pictures of the beeps/jj's bombing and toysrus fire in the 70's and ended up here. Very hard to find older pics of the city.

mark said...

Id have to verify it with my brother but i think he is the first picture on your class pic of 6th grade. His name was doug buller. I lived on wyandotte st and also played in the field which is now the post office but i remember no house ever there was a abandoned building. On wyandotte there was a few old abandoned barns on the north side of post office. I wish i took photos, remember i think theres a large gap between our ages maybe thats why i dont recall a house, im 41. I do know that Beeps has been there since dinosaurs roamed, I used to wash dishes there for a guy named Bernie who owned it. They used to have these coin operated t.vs on every table and i used to love it. A shame how things have changed here. Used to be such a nice place to live. I knew a tom poe. i knew a ken carruth and gary on dempsey. Its completely changed noone here caucasion american so hard to find info on who went where. I sure have some stories and know exactly what you mean about the 2 front teeth.

mark said...

Oh, I also attended Fulton jr high then birmingham. Anyway interesting posts you have. Looking for pics.

Guitar Rat said...

Mark, thanks for sharing the memories. That is amazing about Miss Tremonti, she was a great lady. I don't recall your brother by name but may recognize his face. I am a bit older than you which explains why I remember the house on the Post Office lot. I also went to Fulton from 1966 to 1969. I see they are changing it now by adding buildings on the open spaces that were the athletic fields. I will try to post more pictures and stuff in the future. Right now my computer is down and I have to borrow one.

mark said...

not a problem, was actually just trying to find old valley photos and stumbled on to this. And yes I see the remodeling at fulton. Still live in the area, was in vegas 12 yrs but came back. Small world.

Kayvan said...

WOW, I cant believe it!! I attended 6th grade at Cohasset St. School back in 1984 and Miss Tremonti was also my teacher. She made a huge impression on me and I have nothing but respect and gratitude for her and what she did for me....Let me explain; 1984 was my first year in the US and I spoke very little English. Miss Tremonti took extra time after school to help me with my daily lessons, she accompanied me to my ESL (English as Second Language) classes. She encouraged me to join after school art classes because she liked my drawings that she saw in my notebook. She submitted one of my drawings to a contest which I wound up winning.....
She really went above and beyond her job as my 6th grade teacher to help make an 11-year old feel at home in a new and foreign land.
I am happy to hear that other students are getting to experience a great teacher like her as recently as 4 years ago (and hopefully still today).
I will make sure that the next time I'm in Cali (living in NYC currently), I drop by Cohasset and maybe will be lucky enough to see Miss Tremonti again. Then I can thank her for her guidance as a teacher and her loving support as a friend to an 11-year old.
My apologies to the original author of this topic if you feel I hijacked your thread...But I was so happy to find any info on Miss Tremonti online that I couldn't help myself ;)

Guitar Rat said...

It is great to hear about Miss Tremonti. Love hearing the stories and how she affected lives, thanks for your comments. Now I am wondering if she is still at cohasset.

mark said...

Yeah, shes still teaching, room 16, I asked her about retiring, she wanted no part in that convo. Amazing that she has no clue who I am, I spent my last month in her class with my jaw broke and wired shut. As im sure we can all agree, that woman probably taught us more then we learned the next 6 yrs. Or at least me anyway. Yeah i wanna relocate east now. Dried up here workwise.

Guitar Rat said...

Thanks for the update Mark. I wish I was back there so I could go see her. I am sure she won't remember me but she would remember our apartment building. I don't remember if she still lived there when we moved out in 1973. Thanks again.

Bonnie Bastian said...

Wow, hard to believe I found this blog, if felt like just a shot in the dark. I was checking out “classmates” to see what was going on and decided to go a little further with my search.

I was a half of a semester behind you. I graduated (culminated) in 67. I know two of the names on you photo page. The Second row, second from the right is Mary Gresham and on the bottom row, second from the left (across from Mrs. T) is her twin sister Margret. The guy in the upper right hand corner is Mike Raines (his father use to play on “Rawhide”). The second kid from the left in the second row is Andy Lee. I had Mrs. T for the last part of 6th grade. I went to Cohasset from Kindergarten all the way through, then on to Fulton (where the full year started no more A and B grades) and Birmingham.

The boy who had the false teeth was Tommy Nickels. I think he had two older brothers, one; Bobby being my sister’s age (2 years older). Tommy lost his teeth in a bicycle accident.

We lived on Gloria, down the street from the now post office. I remember fondly playing in that field. I remember an old stone house; I thought it was close to Gloria. When they finally took it out all that was left was the steps to the front porch. I also remember walking up to BEEP’S for hamburger and fries. Beep’s and Jacks Market did not suffer a bomb, but a gas leak in the 70’s. I moved from my parents house in 75 and then rented it from my parents in 77-80. My husband and I ended up purchasing it (from my parents) for our own rental in the mid 80’s we still own it.

Do you remember when “Toys R Us” use to be “Whitefront” and on that funky little corner beside Whitefront (on Sherman Way) was a Sizzlers (at least I think it was Sizzlers before they became a big chain) that had a large Herford bull painted on the wall and sawdust on the floor? Everything I ever got there was served in a basket.

I never knew Mrs. T lived in those apartments until one Halloween when trick or treating, we knocked on her door. She was practicing her Veolia and handing out candy. That was the first time I came face to face with a teacher outside of the classroom. Thank goodness it was Mrs. Tremonti and not Mrs. Wein, I might have had permanent damage.

I remember Paul from Cohasset and Fulton, but am not sure if I knew him in High School. Several years ago a friend of mine was having some work done on her house out here in Simi Valley and hired a contractor named Paul Bjork. It has to be the same guy there aren’t too many names like that and when I asked he was the right age, so I don’t think it was his son. Did Paul have a sister named Debbie?

Since you went to Fulton do you remember Mr. Reinstein? His son taught my daughter history here at Santa Susanna High in Simi. Last year my husband, his best buddy and I got together with Tom Greene President of Student Council in 68, now that was infighting.

I remember walking home from Fulton down Saticoy and stopping at “Crebs” liquor store for something to drink on the way. Sometimes if there were a group of us we would venture through the walking tunnel on Valero St. We were always told not to go through them without an adult, because it was a dangerous place for girls.

You brought up “Tower Records” do you remember “Sight and Sound” on the corner of Victory and Van Nuys? We could go in and listen to the records before we bought them.

I’ll go through some of my old photos and see what else I can find later. It was good remembering a few things; I’m not sure how much this helped you though.

Bonnie Bastian said...

Bonnie Bastian use to be Bonnie Shaw