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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mrs. Perlmuter of Hazeltine

We finally have a picture of Mrs. Perlmuter, the most famous teacher at Hazeltine Avenue Elementary School, thanks to Julie (Rosenthal) Meshchaninov, Hazeltine class of 1969. Julie left a comment on a previous post "Looking For Mrs. Perlmuter" that she had a picture and here it is.

I never had Mrs. Perlmuter as a teacher so I will leave those who did to share their memories. Thanks again Julie and thanks to our friend Bob Walance who came through again.


Fernando Fonticiella said...

I remember in the early 70s. Mr. boothby Mrs. Whitney. And Mrs. Black if anybody remembers these teachers and principal please write back good times.

Fernando Fonticiella said...

Please contact me if you were around during this time