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Monday, January 18, 2010

Eddie Brandt's Saturday Matinee Video Store

On Vineland Ave. in North Hollywood is the best video store I have ever been to. I first went to Eddie Brandt's when it was on Colfax Ave. in North Hollywood, just south of Victory and behind the McDonald's Restaurant. Actors, industry people and movie fans created an eclectic gathering down every aisle. Ask a question and some patron probably knows the answer. Follow this link to a video that appeared on Turner Classic Movies of the store and its manager Donovan Brandt:


Here is a link to a Daily News article on the store:



unique FONT said...

congrats for the new business!

Howard said...

My name is Howard Freeman. I'm the artist who painted the murals at Eddie Brandt's Saturday Matinee. Thanks for the beautiful pic on your blog! If you want to see more, check out www.wallustrations.com

Guitar Rat said...

Thanks Howard I will check it out.