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Sunday, August 21, 2011

1970's Photos

Me inside Hi-Lo Drugstore at Sherman way and Sepulveda circa 1972. I wish I had a clear picture and more pictures of the stuff inside the store.
My 1973 Ford Pinto (1600cc engine) on Lanark St. between Sepulveda Blvd and Langdon Ave. 
Looking at the courtyard of Jane Russel's Taos West Apartments on Woodman Ave., 1975. The building is still there and I believe has the same name but it is now condo's.

With scanners I now wish we had printed the photos on glossy paper. I still have the negatives so I could fix that if I wasn't so lazy.

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Anonymous said...

I lived on Sherman Way in the early 70s in a big grey house that had totem poles all around the front yard because my parents were into western and Indians and we had a small town built on our back lot where they put on shows for handicap kids. I shopped at Hi Lo drug store many times. it was by the Safeway. I always wondered what happen to that house, do you know. I went to Valario St school and my sister went to Valario and then Robert Fulton. My email is pixiedust_36@yahoo.com if you can give me any info. Thanks