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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Christmas Story House

Radio Rat came to town the other day and we have been busy seeing the sights. Two days ago we went to the Rock Hall of Fame. While that was great the highlight for Radio Rat, a Christmas fanatic, was yesterdays visit to the house from the movie A Christmas Story. I've driven by it many times but this is the first time I had taken the tour. And of course I walked out of the house without my new camera so I had to use my cell phone camera which did okay. Below is a picture of Radio Rat at the front window with the infamous leg lamp.
Early this morning I took him to the airport and he is on his way home. He told me the first thing he is going to do is watch the movie. I wouldn't be surprised if he blew this picture up to poster size. The scenes where the leg lamp arrives were shot outside and inside the house, as were a couple other segments. Below are a few more shots.

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January Galaxy said...

That movie IS a CLASSIC!! sounds like an awesome time