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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Battle of the Bands

Here is yours truly from 1974. Behind the transparent blue drum set is Desert Radio Rat. Our bass player Norm is visible as a white pant leg. This picture was taken at Van Nuys Masonic Lodge on Sherman Way. This was our last performance as "Blue Ice". As I recall the name came after Desert Radio Rat bought his expensive drum kit.

Musically this was our best lineup. I think by then I had mastered the dreaded "F" chord. We usually opened up the show with Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" and closed with The Stones "Brown Sugar" In between we played everything from Creedence to Chicago. We even played "Precious and Few" when it was needed. I have forgiven myself for agreeing to play it.

I have other photos which show our "roadie" Phone Rat at the bottom of the stage. I'll have to ask his permission to post it as I think he was semi-naked with groupies hanging all over him. The photo credit goes to my Father, Al Wilson Jr.

Are there any other garage bands from the 1970's still out there either playing or keeping in touch? Does anyone from our Demolay circles remember "Boxwell's Band"?

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Scarlett's Mom said...

Oh, yes I remember those "Battle of the Bands". Most of which started in our garage. Radio Rat on the drums, Guitar Rat, Brian Lincoln, Cousin Jim and assorted others.dmstae