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Friday, November 16, 2007

Van Nuys Abandoned

I am afraid I am one of the guilty who has moved out of Van Nuys. First North Hollywood, then Valley Village and now Lakewood Ohio. The reason for this blog can be traced to my move over one year ago, and my almost daily conversations with Phone Rat. Phone Rat keeps The Valley alive for me in our phone conversations, e-mails and photos sent back and forth. Being so far away from my best friends is the most difficult part of leaving the valley. So much so that if I had to face the decision to move again I would not move. Yes I would put up with the hot weather, hot winds, the clogged freeways and everything else I used to complain about. However my dear wife who is from Boston, and did not like California that much might raise a ruckus.

So to retain our sanity Phone Rat and I talk all the time. It is our hope that this blog will eventually evolve as a meeting place for old friends who can reconnect from all corners of the country. The last time I moved out of Los Angeles there were no cell phones, there was no internet. There was only the mail and ridiculously high rats for long distance calls. Sorry Phone Rat. So these new technologies make it easier to keep in touch and feel a little at home while being so far away.

So thank you Phone Rat for being "our man in Van Nuys". We who abandon salute you. If I can get away I will meet you at Nat's on Burbank Blvd. for breakfast.

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