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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Van Nuys Demolay Members

Here are the names of a few Van Nuys Demolay members. Some of are still in touch while others are still out in the wilderness. If you are one of them, or know one of them we would love to hear from you:

Rusty Baingo, Larry Bittke, Richard Bowman, Kevin Bowman, Jim Bullen, Alan Butts, Jeff Coleman, Doug Corbett, John Crippen, Dave Farrand, Chuck Fox, Jim Fox, Paul Glassco, Tom Hart, Tom Martin, Keith Nance, Howard Mitchell, Dave Mitchell, Bill Mitchell, Karl Inman, Tom Raden, Ben Gordon, Garry Russell, Ron Steiner, Dan Swanson, Bruce Timbers, Greg Timbers, Jim Thomas, Scott Thomas, Curtis Thornton, Alan Trusler, Jim Drew, Keith Barrett, Ken Barrett, Brian Lincoln, Will Thurston, Chuck Weymouth, Bruce Arnold, Bob Harmen, Hal Weiblen, Lance Braun, Larry Thornhill, Ken Winte, Gary Zeiger, Duane Joslin, Lee Durgin, Mike Campbell and so on.

There is a only a partial list of the members during our era. Most of us were members during the late 1960's and early 1970's. If you were there before us or came after we would love to hear about your adventures.

If you were a member of and Job's Daughters or Rainbow Group in the Valley we would also love to hear from you. Bethel 80 and Bethel 303 met at Van Nuys Masonic Temple. We would also like to hear from our sponsoring Masonic Lodge, Van Nuys 135 Royal Arch Mason's, as well as Zenith Lodge and Van Nuys #450 Masonic Lodge.


Tom Hart said...

Hey Guys. Boy was I surprised to see a listding of Van Nuys Demolay. Iam one of the ones out of the wilderness. I took an early retirement and now stay the winters in Arizona. Life back then was sure a lot easier and the old stomping grounds of Van Nuys are gone forever, at least for how I remember them. It was a good time to be a kid. I am looking forward to hear from some of the old gang. I can be contacted @
tehart@peoplepc.com. Looking forward to hear from you
Tom Hart

dersert radio rat said...

Great to see this blog! Great job Carey and Ken! Love to hear from all the guys again. Good to hear Tom is doing well...drop me a line at larrythornhill@edbroadcasters.com

have a great 2008

Larry Thornhill

Carey Wilson said...

Thanks for the comments guys and its great to hear from Tom after all these years. I know Larry is on the road all the time with his new job so I am glad to see you check in from time to time. If you guys want to post some memories just let me know. I don't like talking about myself!

Chamas said...

Hey Carey, don't know if you remember me but I did find this site with my name on it. I have very fond memories playing in the Demolay band we had together. I still have the guitar I used back then and for being a knock-off Les Paul, carried me into my guitar playing today. I seem to remember we got along great as we were still learning the ropes but I also seem to remember the drummer (Larry?). I also remember the bass player who had a girlfriend that played keyboards, where we were in their living room and I was assigned the task to play Stairway to Heaven. I'm thinking, this song is so complicated and boring, why do I have to learn a song that nobody knows and will not be a hit? Well, little did I know what that song and band did for me in my development of my guitar playing a few years later! That was my first band and very much appreciated that you guys accepted me and allowed me to play with your band. There were some fun and memorable gigs for me and as always the Bob's Big Boy afterwards. Hope all is well. You can contact me at karl@karlinman.com

Karl Inman

Shadow said...

Wow! Sure was glad to find this site with all the familiar names of past friends in the Masonic Group. I was a member of the VN Rainbow Girls #203. All the great memories came flooding back seeing this site. Will be checking this site on a daily basis to see who else surfaces from the past. Thank you!

Jim Johnston said...

Jim Johnston and Sue Johnston (Clouse)
Hi everyone! Happy to see this site. We have such fond memories of our times in DeMolay and Rainbow Girls. Jim was in DeMolay and Sue in Rainbow Girls. We had our first date at a party at Rusty Baingo's house. That was in 1970 and we married in 1973 and our still going 35 years later. We have 2 kids, 20 and 19 years old. We are still in touch with a few people. Bruce and Dorrie Arnold live in our Canyon Country area. We have been in Santa Clarita since 1978. Would love to hear from any of the old gang, our e-mail is jsjohn616@sbcglobal.net.

Jim and Sue Johnston

Guitar Rat said...

Thank you Jim and Sue, great to hear from you and get your update. I have passed your message on to a few people who may get back to you. We were hoping the blog would bring together some old friends and it is wonderful that it has.

Thank you also Shadow for your comment. We are glad you will be checking in. We update stuff as we can. If you have any memories you want to share please do, or contact us through this sites e-mail.

Bruce Arnold said...

what memories reading posts from Van Nuys Demolay alum...

Dorrie and I have fond memories of the fun and times we had in Demolay and Jobs Daughters in the 60's.

We have lived in Santa Clarita for almost 20 years and have been married for 35 years (yikes!)

We still are friends with Jim Fox, Jim and Sheryl (Thomas) Crossman, Scott Thomas, Bob Allen (NH) and Terry Mason(NH).

Would love to hear from old friends. Please e-mail at arnoldfamilysix@yahoo.com

Hope to hear from you...

Bruce Arnold (VN Demolay '63-'70)
Dorrie (Luscombe) Arnold (Bethel 305 Encino '67 - '72)

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Great website guys. Going back in time....Jim and I have been in Santa Clarita since 1985. And we celebrated our 33rd anniversary this year. And so many said it wouldn't last. I guess that DeMolay Job's Daughter connection can stick. Our daughter Heather served as Honored Queen of the Newhall Bethel in 1996. During her term she initiated Kay and Howard Mitchell's daughter and Rusty and Laurel Baingo's daughter. It was a freaky night having Howard and Rusty in the Bethel room during the initiation. Who would have thought? I only wish my Mom could have been there to witness history repeating itself.
Sheryl Thomas Crossman (Bethel 322 Northridge.60? to 1974. Jim Crossman Van Nuys DeMolay late 60's to early 70's.

russellb_pzazzz said...

Well what a surprise to come across this web site. It immediately brought
back many memories. The parties every Saturday night at my parents house
with Drew, Chuck, Tommy, Will, Eric, Alan, Gary, and Jim and of course the
Jobs and Rainbow girls. I know Eric Johnson still has pictures of the
Maybe some of us who live locally should get together and take a wake down
memory lane. Is Tommy really bald now?
Rusty Baingo

Guitar Rat said...

Hi Rusty,

Boy I wish you had found us last week because this past Saturday there was a reunion party at the Arnolds house. I wasn't there but am told there must have been almost 40 people. However there is already talk of another get together this summer. If you send an email to this account: vannuysboomers@gmail.com
I can put you in touch with everyone.

I have a few recent pictures of Tommy I can send you but he has a hat on. My guess is he still has a little peach fuzz. Good to hear from you. I am sure everyone will be interested in any pictures from the old days.

Carey Wilson

Anonymous said...

Hey Rusty, it's Joanne Thornhill. I wish we had know where you were, it was fun. Ther only thing that was missing was you and Eric. I still don't know where all those old people came from. We are trying to plan something this summer. I guess when things are further along one of the guys (Ken or Carey) will let you know. I hope whenever they get a date you will be able to get a hold of Eric and attend.

Robert said...

I'd like my name added to the list of past Van Nuys Demolay members. Anyone remember Salty Logan??? One of my best friends during that time of my life was Hal Weiblen. (Hal, if you get this, I'd really enjoy hearing from you!) He had a "bitchen" '57 Chevy 2-door! We had a lot of fun cruisin' Van Nuys Blvd after the Wednesday night meetings. I now live in Phoenix, Arizona. My wife, Mary, and I have been married 37 years. Both celebrating our 60th birthdays this year...where does the time go??? I'm retired from MetLife and Mary's retired from the education system. Have three grown boys and one new granddaughter. Life is good! Looking forward to hearing from some of the great friends I had during that time in my life!
Best wishes to you all!
Bob Hartsook

Guitar Rat said...

I do remember Salty Logan. Get in touch with me at this blogs e-mail account and I can put you in touch with Hal and many others:

Thanks for the update on what you have been doing. I forwarded your note to Ken Winte, perhaps you remember him.

Carey Wilson VNDemolay 1971 - 1976

Kat said...

Wow, I stumbled across this site and found a blast from the past! Good to see so many familiar names. I'm Kathy Martin, PHQ from Bethel 322 Northridge. I was a regular at those Rusty parties. How did we not get picked up for driving under the influence?
I'm living in Tehachapi, CA, which is about two hours from the Valley. If there is a reunion, please include me!

Carey A, Wilson said...

Thank you Kathy for getting in touch. Your name has come up in conversations with Ken Winte and others. There was a reunion back in 2009. Please send me an e-mail with your info so we can let you know if something comes up. We also have a page on Facebook, San Fernando Valley Demolay, Jobs and Rainbow. If you are on FB check it out. It is a closed group so you have to ask to join, but that is not a problem for you. Many are on there including Rusty. Great to hear from you.