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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Van Nuys Blvd.

It is impossible to speak of Van Nuys of the 60's and 70's without discussing Wednesday night cruising on Van Nuys Blvd. If you didn't spend time cruising you were at least aware of it, if not inconvenienced by it in your travels through the center of the San Fernando Valley.

Van Nuys Demolay met on Wednesday nights, about a quarter mile from the action on the boulevard. Those members who were old enough to drive, and trusted enough to drive alone were always anxious to get the meeting over with and hit the streets. If you had school the next day your evening probably ended after the meeting. Sometimes you were lucky and you hitched a ride to Bob's restaurant at the corner of Van Nuys Blvd. and Roscoe Blvd. What happened from there depended on your age group and mode of transportation. If you had a converted van like the drummer in our band, Desert Radio Rat, your options increased. Though I must confess he and I usually ended up parked somewhere watching TV in the back of the van,drinking what ever beverage was in his frig as we watched the cars and girls pass by.

Some of the local hangouts in the area were Mike's Pizza on Van Nuys Blvd., Lido Pizza on Victory Blvd. and the back of Butler Brothers department store where we worked. A few of our members worked at the Von's Market in that block and we would sometimes drop in and annoy them. We were like thousands of other kids. We cruised the boulevard and then left and found adventure other places. There is plenty of that for future stories.


Anonymous said...

what do you mean Bob's Big Boy at Roscoe? The start and end of classic cruising was at Bob's somewhere near Magnolia Blvd, down close to Galpin Motors and all the other car dealers....

Guitar Rat said...

Speaking for my crowd we pretty much kept ourselves between Sherman Way and Burbank. We went to Bob's when we were done. Isn't Galpin at Roscoe and the 405? I haven't been to the corner of Van Nuys and Magnolia in about two years so I forget what car dealer might be there now. I only went down there to go to my bank and have breakfast at the Lamplighter.

Anonymous said...

I miss my youthful life in the San Fernando Valley near Burbank & Van Nuys Blvd soooooooooooooooo much.

Today's world is horrible.

Back then, teenagers were all smiles and out for fun.

I still think about Bob's Big Boy food and going to the one at Sherman Way / Balboa (now a gas station ) and the one on Van Nuys Blvd near Galpin Ford.

I think about the infamous ice cream parlor, Farrells, on Van Nuys (last I knew, the building was a Sizzler Resturant).

I think about my senior year girlfriend who went on to UCLA & ended up living in Marina del Rey and then Santa Barbara. I know she has a happy life even today, but she had such a great laugh and sense of humor in her middle teens.

I think about one of my best friends who died in 1999 in Encino from complications of a severe spinal injury at his employment. His sense of laughter brightened my day whenever we were together.

I think of innocent times when even a fistfight between kids was alarming.

Today's world is just so off track..... thanks to the "entertainment industry" and their never ending profit mongering while glorifying weapons and gore.

I'm glad that I don't have kids in today's world. They'd not know how much they missed in a better era.

Anonymous said...

A group of fellow Valley kids are trying to start something back up on Wednesday June 10th...

Anonymous said...

I never lived in those days, I was born on the 1994. I wished I did live in those times. They must have been great & you're right now in days it's really horrible. It'll be great if we had the old times come back up. Those cars crusine the Van Nuys Bld, Those back then resturants, everything must have been pretty awesome to live in, & it's amazing!! (;